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Description of activities


ACTIVITIES To REALISE: industrial Cleaning, encuadernación and copistería.

FIELD OF PERFORMANCE: Province of Alicante.


The Association Pro - Deficient Psychic of Alicante (APSA), works from does more than 20 years for the personal promotion and the social integration, of the disabled that go arriving to the age adult, looking for for this the collaboration of the different estamentos social and institutional.
In the year 1.983, began to work the Occupational centre Terramar, a functional and modern Centre, that goes with his architecture, broke the protectionist barriers that until then limited the treatment to the disabled psychic of any age. In this moment attends to 112 users.
In October of the year 1.984, APSA, to end of aunar criteria, and the effort of the communities involved, summoned the "First International Symposium for the Integration Partner-labour of the Deficient Psychic". With this it offered a forum for the debate of technicians and expert, national and European. Also there were people of the Administration, that could influence in a change in the legislation, without which all would remain in theories irrealizables. There it spoke of the distinct approach that it was necessary to give to the occupational centres of face to the future, and spoke of employment, with his logical consequence of normalisation of life.
In the year 1.987 APSA promocionó a mercantile society, TERRAMAR. S.A., that put to work the first centre of special employment. A factory of wooden containers for the fruit, and palets, that in the actuality gives work to 15 handicapped workers.
This supposed a very important change; in the mentality and in the form to work. From that moment, the occupational centre no longer would go back to be a tight place. Once reclasificado, already there was deficient with aptitudes for the employment, others, needed of a period of preparation of variable length in the occupational centre, and a third group, with very scarce or invalid possibilities of labour future.
In the year 1.990, APSA asked his support to the FUNDACION ELEVEN and to the Conselleria of Work, to do reality the project of creation of a farm avícola of hens layers, carried by psychic handicapped workers. A new mercantile society, AVEVIAR, S.L., it commissioned to carry to the practice the project, and in the actuality, after an extension, work in her 10 disabled psychic, a sensory and a physicist.
Already with the two centres of special employment working, saw the need of ensayar other roads of labour insertion, in ordinary companies and in public organisms, working with itinerarios of insertion the more individualizados possible and involucrando in the subject of the integration, to public and private entities, to centres of investigation, empresariado, and alresto of the sectors of the society in general.
With this idea, headed to the two General Directions, of Employment and Social Services, Neither the first result was the participation of APSA, in the initiative comunitaria of human resources HORIZON 11. For the trienio 1.995-97, with the Consellería of Work like public organism cofinanciador.
The initiative of employment Horizon has allowed to multiply the results of the effort and the "low " realised. By a part, people of the occupational centre and of the special centres of employment, have promocionado to ordinary employment. By another, has been possible, than disabled that never had worked- or had done it by a very brief period of time And with little success, after a period of
Training adapted in the place, achieve and keep a place of work. In total have been 4 of the hired in private company, and 10 in public company: Deputation, University, and City council.
But the reality, in this moment, in sight of the experience accumulated, is that it follows having people, whose minusvalía and disorders associated, do not allow them, at least in a first moment, inhale to ordinary employment, and have to form and purchase experience in a special centre of employment. Some, even Will deny in him at the end of his labour Life.
It is thus, that, after] analysis of the current situation of the market of fetter . Or, And of the disabled population of our zone of performance, see the need, in a coyuntura especially favourable, of promocionar a mercantile society, that hire to disabled workers for three activities or companies of services.


To). Encuadernación Artesanal.

The activity consists in realising all the necessary tasks for confeccionar new books, from aim or loose leaves and for reencuadernar books in bad state.
It is an activity essentially artesanal and manual although, stop can take out the production that requires the maintenance of the company, is indispensable to do use of some mechanisation. Inside the encuadernación, exist vain skilled jobs, but die the reduced of our company and the characteristics of the workers, in the formative period, have insisted in that all learn all the manual tasks.
They remain, however, tasks and responsibilities, impossible to exert
By a disabled psychic: the organisation of the work, that is cambiante
By very diverse circumstances, the entrances and exits of requests. And the register, as well as the negotiation with the clients for temporalizar the requests. Also some skilled activity and especially delicate, as it is the put golden letters in them cover of the books, for which a deficient, although it can learn, never will be competitive.
For this, it will hire to an expert with capacity tested to direct the team.

1.- Tasks to realise

  • Undo the book to reencuadernar.
  • Sew and encolar loose leaves.
  • Sew cuadernillo.
  • Prensar.
  • Guillotinar.
  • Confeccionar Cover of diverse material.
  • Gild cover.
  • Mount the new book once finished the process.

2.- It Would scheme required.

  • Guillotine.
  • Shears of table.
  • Press of steering wheel
  • Machine to sew of vegetal thread.
  • Machine of encolar loose leaf.
  • Machine to gild; irons, letters... Etc.
  • Tooling of workshop; frames, rejones, scissors, needles,...Etc.

3.- Number of workers hired.
4 disabled psychic.

B) Industrial cleaning.

This activity, also semimecanizada, is quite suitable to the characteristics of the disabled psychic, and goza of the preferences of
Many of them, that deprived of a destreza, coordination, and rapidity of
Manual execution, see in the cleaning an exit to his labour expectations
And of social integration. For this activity prevail more the physical fortress. And
The responsibility.
They can realise all the tasks, to exception of the organisation of the work, so much inside the small groups or cuadrillas, as the coordination of these to execute global tasks. Neither they can do works of special dangerousness, corno high and external glasses, tasks of desratización and disinfection... Etc. For this it has looked for an expert with personal qualities, to treat with the disabled.

1.- Tasks to realise.

1. 1. Inner.

  • Daily.
  • Clean the dust. Scanning and washed of soils, cleaning of inner glasses, cleaning and disinfection of sanitary.
  • Periodically.
  • Acristalado Of the soil, cleaning of inner glasses of difficult access.
  • Disinfection and prevention of pests.

1.2. External.

  • External glasses.
  • Cleaning of façades deleting painted if there were them.
  • Cleaning of sidewalks, zones of access and playgrounds and terraces.

2. It Would scheme required: Machine barredora.

  • Machine fregadora.
  • Aspirador Dust-water.
  • Aspirador Upholstery
  • Machine of water to pressure.

3. Number of workers hired: 6 disabled psychic.

C) Reprography.

This is an activity each day more tecnificada, and that by not presenting excessive requests of strength or posture, does compatible the combination of disabled physical and psychic. The first to carry the control of the quality of the product, and of it would scheme. Register the production of face to the turnover, deal with clients and providers.... Etc.
The seconds, for procurement of paper, delivery of requests,cleaning of installations and any another task that can them encomendar.

1- Tasks to realise.

  • Distribution of cards for the personnel of the University.
  • Monthly turnover of the services realised by code and of the
  • Photocopies, discounting also the encuadernaciones, realised by card.
  • Realisation of photocopies in all his modalities: one or two faces, extension, reduction, transparencies, etc.
  • Encuadernación In rústica.
  • Encuadernación In canutillo.
  • Encuadernación In espiral.
  • Stamping of cover and lomos.
  • Replacement and placing of the paper.
  • Delivery of the product finished to the departments and services applicants.
  • Cleaning of installations and elementary maintenance of the machines.

2.- It Would scheme required:

  • Machines of encuadernar, in tail, gusanillo and espiral.
  • Machine of stamping.
  • Machines photocopiers.

3.- Personal hired.
2 disabled physical and 1 disabled psychic.

D) Organigrama.

1 Manager. It is the maximum manager in front of the Council of Administration of
The Mercantile Society. It realises the management of the three activities, business to the three levels: commercial, financial and of personal. It coordinates the three activities And organises the work June with the attendants.
2 Attendants: One by activity. They direct the team of disabled psychic, as the philosophy of the company. They realise the specific work that has assigned them , and are responsible of the quantity and quality of the production.
3 Operarios disabled psychic: they Realise the tasks assigned as his
Capacity and that they are supervised by the attendant.

And) Place of work.

The work will develop in the Campora of the two Universities of the
Province: encuadernación and cleaning in the University of Alicante, Campus of Saint Vicente. Copistería In the University Miguel Hernández Campus of Elche and Altea.
The social domicile of the mercantile society LIMENCOP, remains in main Alicante, provisionally in the C/ Zarandieta, 7 Low.


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