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Management of alarms in the elevators of the Univesidad of Alicante

The elevators of the UA have been adaptandose to the R.D. 57/2005 for incrementar the security of the park of elevators.

Between these measures highlights the introduction of a system of alarm when it produces an unemployed involuntary of the elevator, by which the user has the possibility to press a bell of alarm that have installed in the interior of the cabins.

The procedure that the University of Alicante has established to attend these situations of alarm is the following:

The first call that the user realises, when pressing the button of alarm, contacts with the Service of Surveillance of the University of Alicante (tlf. 96 590 9656), those who immediately will warn to the Conserjería involved and acudirán to open the cabin. Our Service of Surveillance has of the keys of access to the cabins and will treat to free in first instance to the users, in coordination with the personnel of the Conserjerías of each building. If they could not free to the user would contact with the service 24 hours of the company mantenedora.

If the Service of Surveillance did not answer to this first call, redirect automatically to the service 24 hours of the company mantenedora of the elevator the one who will give the timely instructions to the user trapped in the elevator.

Relation of companies and buildings that keep



Edif. Aulario II.
Edif. Social sciences
Edif. Museum MUA
Edif. Tower of Control
Edif. Faculty of Economic
Edif. Polytechnical II and III
Edif. Sciences II
Edif. Philosophy and Letters
Edif. Geography and History
Edif. Aulario I
Edif. Sciences I
Platform of the Paraninfo
Edif. Germán Bernácer
Edif. Polytechnical I
Edif. Politécncia IV
Edif. Polideportivo
Edif. Headquarters Alicante
Edif. Institutes
Edif. Rectorship
Edif. New institutes
Edif. General library
Edif. F. Right
Edif. CTQ
Edif. Optical
Edif. Headquarters Benissa
Edif. Workshop of Image


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